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What is a Local Business Listing?

The days of customers using the Yellow Pages to find local businesses are long gone. Today they use online searches to find businesses like yours. That’s why your local business listing needs to be on the sites where they search most like: Google, Bing Apple Maps, Facebook and Yelp. But to be found, you first need to be listed.

Why are business listings so important?

The easiest way for online customers to find you is by being listed. If you’re not, chances are potential customers will turn to one of your competitors instead. It’s our job to make sure that your business listing is visible and accurate when and where your customers are searching.

The first step is getting you listed

We’ll handle the entire process, starting with claiming, verifying and submitting your business listings. Then we place you on the most highly trafficked sites like: Google Bing, Apple Maps, Facebook and Yelp.

We monitor your listing daily for accuracy

Information changes all the time, so we continually check to make sure your listing is accurate and up to date. Another reason we’re so careful about accuracy is because listings are often shared between sites. If we do need to make a correction you’ll find it listed on your dashboard. So you can feel confident when your listing is found, it’s always the right one.

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Our Local Business Listings ensure that our customers are found in the top directories where people are searching most; Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps and Facebook. Our on demand dashboard provides complete transparency into the directory listing activities.

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